10 Reasons to Love Canada

10. Beaver Tails

    If you can eat one without getting sauce all over your face, you’re a true Canadian.  Or maybe just opt for the ‘less messy’ cinnamon and sugar flavour.


    9. Rainbow Money

    Every value is represented by a different colour, because we like to make things interesting.  Who said Monopoly was just a game?


    8. The Raw Wilderness

    Canada is the second largest country in terms of land mass but it’s also home to the most lakes in the world!  If you like nature, you’ll like Canada.  More than half of our country is covered in trees.  

    7. Santa Claus will write back to you.

    Got a wish list?  Send it to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada and he’ll see what he can do.  A response will be delivered to you within the year by Canada Post.


    6. Vats of maple syrup are kept in reserve, in case of an apocalyptic disaster.

    Canada just wouldn’t be the same without syrup on everything.  The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has ensured that 220,000 barrels of maple syrup are protected for safe keeping.  If the world enters a dark time, at least us Canadians will be able to keep moving forward, because we’ll have our maple syrup.


    5. National Parks

    There are enough national parks to keep you travelling for years!  From East to West, Province to Territory, there is infinite landscape left untouched for you to explore.


    4. VIA Rail

    As much as VIA Rail is useful in that a train can take you from Point A to Point B, it’s also an incredible way to experience Canada.  Hop on a VIA Rail train at any major Canadian hub and travel miles in any direction, just staring in awe at the landscape around you that whizzes past in a blur of delight.


    3. Our Diversity

    Right from the beginning, Canada has accepted people from all walks of life with open arms!  Come on, come all.  Canadians are so nice; you might just get sick of us…sorry!


    2. Cottage Country

    The goodness of summer.  Nothing like a weekend at the cottage, out under the stars with a beer and s’mores.  The average Torontonian spends 1/3 of the summer season driving up to the cottage.


    1. Proud and Free

    In a world of turmoil, Canada is a safe haven.  We cherish our freedom; we don’t take it for granted, but are grateful for our beautiful country every day.  We may not be loud, but we’re proud and I invite you to come see why.