Style Guide: Casual Canadian Plaid With Graphic Tee

In this edition of our Wolfe Co Style Guide, we're combining our Canadian-made products to create a casual-plaid look to spice up your Wolfe Co wardrobe! 

Part 1: The Graphic Tee

Layering our Reilly T-Shirt in Navy with this red and navy long sleeve plaid creates a casual, Canadian theme. The best part? The Reilly T-Shirt - made from Bamboo Cotton - provides soft, breathable comfort that's great for the skin.
Wolfe Co Reilly T-Shirt

Part Two: The Victoria Weekender Bag

An essential piece to add to this blend of classically-casually lumberjack meets urban dweller is the Victoria Weekender Bag. The addition off real, hand-made leather provides a pop of woodsy colour to accent our colour palette and accessory style. Our Victoria Weekender Bag is hand-made by a local Canadian Artisan using the finest leather. 

Part Three: Accessorize with the Multi-Wrap Porter Leather Bracelet

Finally, to round out this stylish casual-plaid piece, the addition of our Porter Leather Bracelet perfectly compliments the Victoria Weekender Bag. Further contributing to a woodsy, yet urban style, the Porter Leather Bracelet is also handcrafted by a Canadian artisan using the finest leather. Best of all? Wear it everywhere. Get it wet. Rough it up a bit. The Porter Leather Bracelet looks even better the more you wear it!
Porter Leather Bracelet Multi-Strap - Wolfe Co Apparel And Goods

Love this look? Here's everything you need to get started.

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