Summer Tour Season

Summer is fast approaching, which means that the mobile Airstream shop is undergoing a good clean wash and update for another long season on the road!


As you may have seen in last week's post, the Airstream's old hangers have been replaced with custom wooden hangers that were laser engraved in our workshop only days ago.  If you loved the smell of wood in the Airstream shop before, you'll surely be blown away by the mingling scents of walnut, cedar, and lotus wood.

The aluminum interior and rustic live edge flooring are the pride and joy of our Airstream store.  Over the past three years, we've collected and refurbished a handful of vintage crates from local markets that can be rearranged to serve as shelves, tables, or storage, depending on the occasion.  

Although this is not your average clothing store, we don't fall short on the standard amenities.  Equipped with rooftop solar panels and a moving cellular connection, the Wolfe Co. Airstream never fails to deliver on high speed wifi and bumpin' tunes.  Oh, and did I mention air conditioning?


Whether you see us on the highway, at a truck stop, or during one of our pop-up shop events, we would love to say hi! Pull up a deck chair and chat with us, or snap a pic of the Airstream in motion and slide into our DMs.  Either way, we're always looking to connect with Pack members.  The Airstream store is an amazing opportunity for us to reach and interact with more of you!  It's a passion of ours that has evolved into a community and a family that you're all welcome to be a part of.