Thank You, Muskoka!

If you came for the ribs or the boats, there was more than enough to wet your whistle at the Muskoka Boat and Cottage Show this past weekend.  The Muskoka Wharf was on fire with cottagers and locals from Gravenhurst and its neighbouring lakes.  
Over the course of three days, we saw every type of summer weather.  Our bamboo cotton t-shirts came to the rescue on Friday when it was hot and humid but Canada’s softest bamboo pullover hoodies were the real heroes on Sunday when temperatures dropped and winds picked up.
Boat And Cottage Show - Wolfe Co
From 2 to 92, all ages of Canadian cottagers came to bask in the beloved air conditioning provided by the Wolfe Co. Airstream.  Shoppers jammed out to some great summer tunes and had a go lounging in our cottage recliners before heading back out into the sun.  Even our new furry friend Mya enjoyed a little refresher outside the Airstream to get away from all the love and attention.
Muskoka Boat and Cottage Show
Thanks to all those who entered our weekend raffle giveaway.  Congratulations goes to Holly for winning this event’s Wolfe Co. Prize Pack!  Make sure to find us at our next event and enter for a chance to win some merchandise.
Thanks again for an awesome weekend, Muskoka!