Our Story


Canada is safe, beautiful, free, and full of amazing craftsmen who have come together to produce the Wolfe Co. collection. Whether you are Canadian or not, it’s the notion of authenticity, adventure, and freedom that we urge you to join. It’s a way of living that’s not unique to Canada alone, but a way of living that the ruggedness of Canada inherently promotes. It’s that get-up-and-go mentality, the free spiritedness of taking life’s potential into your own hands.

The idea began in 2016 out of a personal struggle to find clothing made in Canada.

Many major labels are outsourced these days to poorly-regulated factories in countries with minimal working standards. By supporting local talent, we become economically and environmentally conscious producers and consumers. 

There is so much talent and potential in our own country
that we believe should be valued and put to good use, so that's exactly
what we do.

We are not made overseas; we are made in Canada. We do not mass produce; we rely heavily on small family businesses across Canada who are invested in the idea of a truly Canadian brand.