By Buying Canadian, You're ... 

Creating Local Jobs

Canadian-made production employs people just like you all across the country to make fabrics, garments, labels, and tags.  We all know that times are difficult; your purchase of a Canadian-made product will directly help a family just like yours.  Every person involved in our production chain earns a fair wage in proper working conditions.  They feel good about what they make so that you can feel good about what you buy.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Shopping domestic means less transportation involved.  Not only is there less shipping required to get you your final product, an entirely Canadian production line means that transportation of materials between each phase of production can be seriously reduced or eliminated altogether.  The majority of our production facilities are within two hours' driving distance of each other. Some are even walking distance.

Establishing Authentic Relationships

In a world where genuine connections are becoming harder and harder to come by, Wolfe Co. values the importance of authentic interactions.  We are grateful for your trust in our brand and appreciate the opportunity to share our mission with you.  When you write us a message, a real person will respond back with honest, unscripted support.  Just as we cherish all of the unique individuals who make up our supply chain, we acknowledge the needs of our customers on a case to case basis to ensure everyone is satisfied with the Wolfe Co. experience.

Investing in Premium Comfort

Now more than ever, the world is pushing towards long-lasting quality craftsmanship.  Fast fashion is a fad of the past: unsustainable and often unethical.  Wolfe Co.'s unwavering commitment to quality domestic production is paving a new path in Canadian fashion.  Comfortable and practical, the Wolfe Co. collection is made for real life, made to be worn, and made to be worn well.  Get out there and live life the way you always do, wearing something durable that matters.

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