Blakely Hat

$250.00 CAD
If you're looking for a hat that exudes refined, contemporary minimalism, then let us introduce you to Blakely. Each Blakely Hat is handstitched in Montreal, Québec with elements unique to each individually crafted hat. Seamed together out of 100% felted wool, the Blakely Hat is perfect for anyone with a sleek unisex design.

100% felted wool

This hat is handmade in Montreal, Québec. Hang tags and print material is made in house according to FSC certifications.

Wool is well conditioned to be out in the rain, just ensure that you let the hat dry completely on a flat surface before wearing again. The best place to store your hat is in a box or on a shelf away from harsh light.

Felted wool hats can gather moss or dust. To clean it, take a velvet brush, an adhesive roller or a clothes brush. Go softly with your hat: he more you handle it carefully, the longer it will accompany you.

Consider using an aerosol spray to treat your hat and protect it from the elements.

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