Coastal Wolf Candle

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"The stories of Canus Lupus that I grew up with were ever present upon the shelves of my mind.  Tales of Wolves passed down by society paint a dark warning of what a wolf is.  One morning, I'd been looking for the pack for many hours.  Eventually I gave up, dragging my canoe upon the shore, collapsing into the sand.  That's when the Wolf found me.  He stepped from the rainforest, approached, and laid down beside me.  The Wolf howled softly before closing his eyes.  As he drifted off to sleep, blanketed by the early rays, this Wolf changed how I see the world."  -April Beneze


Top Notes: Wild Raspberry

Coconut Wax

Burn time: 60 Hours

Oils Sourced Naturally in France


100% Recyclable

Handmade in Whistler, British Columbia


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Stefanie B.
United States United States
Love the product design

A beautiful candle, just as advertised. I love it.

Tracy P.
Canada Canada
The best candle and scent I’ve ever purchased

Love how it doesn’t loose it’s sent once opened and used and I love the container it comes in. I use the jar as a vase once it’s finished burning

Michaela P.
Canada Canada
Pleasant Canadian Candle

Other than the lack of the paper at the top of the wick (the Log and Hearth candle came with one) I am extremely happy with this product! The notes of berry is a pleasant aroma. The candle container itself is rustic yet clean and smooth, it came in a beautiful box, an overall lovely experience.