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Soy Candle

SKU: 107175


Fresh Linen: The warmth of a clean bundle of laundry blends together with the scents of crisp linen.

French Lavender: A fragrant bouquet of lavender from the French country side comes to life in floral, herbaceous scents with a balsamic woody undertone.

Woodland: Warm top notes of citrus and balsam and base notes of musk and moss, all of which is balanced out by the soft presence of cedarwood.

Sandalwood: Capturing the true essence of real sandalwood, this candle has top notes of jasmine and cedarwood with a mild hint of gardenias.

Oak Barrel Cider: Top notes of tart apples and strawberries blends well with a swirl of cinnamon and allspice at the heart. This candle is completed with violet and vanilla base notes.

White Tea & Ginger: The aroma of a spicy, citrus tea accompanied by a soft, dry green herbal base.

Vanilla: A classic creamy vanilla scent with buttery top notes.

Lemon Grass Verbena: A fresh lemony scent with herbaceous undertones.

  • Soy wax
  • Available in 250mL or 355mL sizes
  • Hand-poured in Canada
  • Small Candle: 30 hour burn time
  • Large Candle: 80 hour burn time