The Weekly Journal | Fashion

By Yenia Hernandez Fonseca - May 8, 2022

That’s HOT! 

Best Colours to Wear Under the Sun

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Unless you live anywhere in the southern hemisphere, you might have noticed the sudden temperature rise outside. As we head closer into warmer days of summer, it feels like we’re running out of options to wear in this heat. Clothes feel weighty and way too thick to hold it against our skin, let alone wear throughout the boiling day.

But, truthfully, as much as we’d like to rock short shorts, a cami, a pair of sandals, and a sleek bun everywhere we go, there are plenty of activities that prevent us from enjoying said breezy outfit, for example, going to work, hiking, or visiting museums. 

We’re sure you already know that your best bet is choosing appropriate clothing made of natural fibres to keep fresh and sweat free. Although, have you noticed how certain colours work best under the sun? Better yet, did you know that some colours can repel sunlight and keep UV rays from touching our skin? On sunny days, the colour of your clothes may matter more than the length or material. 

Researchers at Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies studied which clothing colours kept their bodies the coolest under the sun. Depending on their colour, objects reflect sunlight at different rates. Because absorbed light transforms into thermal energy, objects with higher reflecting colours are cooler. 

To quote everyone’s favorite T.V. artiste, Bob Ross: “Let’s get crazy!”


Green Not only is green the trending colour of 2022, but this serene shade that we often associate with nature and revival, is our go-to colour of choice for clothing as soon as the sun begins to shine.

You might be familiar with the fact that black absorbs heat and white reflects it. Therefore, on a scale from white to black, green falls perfectly in the middle making it one the most versatile colours year round. 

Fashion-wise, and due to its raging popularity, you can now consider green a “neutral” just like you do navy blue. It pairs well with sandy shades, like beiges and tan, and stone colours, like grey or a moody lilac. If you’re looking for a dopamine-fueled look, choose a contrasting colour for your accessories, like pink or orange, to clash against green. 

Add an emerald satin cami to your summer lineup and sprinkle some golden accessories here and there. Going sporty? Consider mint and pistachio for your workout gear. Not only is green a calming colour but it provides a sense of safety. In sports, green represents cheer and the will to win.


While light and pastel shades prove resistant to gathering any heat all around our body, vivid hues provide better protection from the sun's UV rays. According to an article from the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute, dark colours absorb more UV rays than lighter colours, this means that UV rays are less likely to reach your skin. 

Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies also found out that red clothing has relatively high reflectance, thus having the ability to prevent heat strokes. Bright colours such as red can also absorb UV rays. 

Red might not be your go to colour for summer, but considering that UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin and signs of sun damage, this shade could be your best ally at combating harmful effects to your health.  

Red was confirmed as the leading colour for Spring 2022 runway collections. From classic Giambattista Valli, a daring Marques Almeida, or an avant-garde Sacai, this dramatic colour made its bold appearance. 

But if you think red is not your colour but you still want to make a fashion statement, you can opt for a bright pink or even a neon shade. The more vivid the colour, the greater the protection.

White & Black

When we engage in outdoor activities, it may seem crazy to wear black. Just looking at anything black makes us hotter than we already feel. Black really is the best colour to wear in the sun if you want to protect your skin.  

While darker colours are known to attract more heat, they actually keep UV rays away from your skin. Your best option is wearing black baseball caps, bucket hats, or umbrellas to keep UV radiation from reaching your skin. 

White is on the opposite side from black in the colour spectrum. White reflects all visible wavelengths of light simply because white light is a combination of all the visible colours. As a result white attracts the least heat. 

However, no colour is capable of attracting zero heat whatsoever. Even white objects attract heat through infrared light. So if you plan on wearing a white linen-cotton blend summer dress in 40 degree weather, make sure you wear enough SPF protection throughout the day.