Introducing our one-of-a-kind 3,000 square-foot retail space.

Located just a few blocks away from our main headquarters, this flagship store is our largest and most expansive retail space to-date.


Partnering with Canadian design firm Brisland Cummings out of Toronto and Muskoka design & build company Greystone, we transformed the former Toronto Dominion Bank into an extraordinary, one of a kind 3,000 square-foot retail space.


Embracing the natural elements in a modern space, the Wolfe Co. Flagship emphasizes modern wooden niches with a minimal concrete backdrop. Aspects of water, fire, and earth accent the space as you browse the store.


“Staff are incredibly welcoming and kind. The clothing here is casual / elegant. 100% you can tell the quality is there! Canada made, what more can you ask for.”

Natalie P.


Inspired by Canadian Nature. 

Two brand new sets of full-sized double doors, an automatic and a barrier free entrance, open onto the sidewalk, allowing for ample natural light and an open air feel throughout the space. Custom wooden shelving with LED lights & a custom wood structure suspended from the ceiling showcase a curated selection of Wolfe Co.'s accessories as well as an array of third-party gear. A seating area by the gas fireplace offers visitors a place to congregate, socialize, or pick up one of photography and literature books. Relax and get comfortable as our sales associates help you browse our collections. When it's time to try on an item, enter into the most unique change room, the former Toronto Dominion Bank Vault. Serving as our fittings rooms, the Vault gives Muskoka locals the ability to test out our gear before heading out on an adventure.  


Unmatched quality. Made entirely in Canada.

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