The idea began out of a personal struggle to find clothing made in Canada; the companies we were so naive to believe were always Canadian were in fact, not. With marketing campaigns making us believe one thing, the origin labels said otherwise.

We set out to make a small collection of Canadian-made casual wear. We wanted to meet face-to-face and talk with Canadians about the importance of this misconception. We purchased a 1997 Airstream and retrofitted the interior of the RV to be our mobile storefront; the vehicle which would allow two 20-year-olds to tour the country, educating Canadians about the value of domestic manufacturing and the importance of checking the origin labels to understand where your clothes are made and the implications associated with that. 

Three years into our journey; we managed 50+ events, connected with thousands of customers, and changed a few flat tires along the way. In 2020, COVID-19 put an unexpected halt on our Airstream journey. During that time, we put roots down in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario; parking the Airstream at our brand new Ontario warehouse and distribution centre. Shortly after, we opened our first (stationary) Canadian storefront (2021); transforming Huntsville's former Toronto Dominion Bank into an extraordinary, one of a kind 3,000 square-foot retail space. Wolfe Co. has since grown its line of Canadian-made clothing and home goods; with customers in every province and territory of Canada; as well several countries abroad. 

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Founder, Brit Powell 

Illustration by Canadian artist Kirstin Poulsen

Our Iconic Logo

Of all the incredible beasts that call Canada home, the wolf truly represents pride, loyalty, and respect. These are brand values that we strive to represent in everything we do.

Loyalty to the country we call home and the craftsmen within it. Especially for our peers. Loyalty to our customers. Pride in all that it means to be Canadian. Respect for our history and pride for how far we have come.