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By Yenia Hernandez Fonseca - March 31, 2022


Transitional Dressing

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Mastering the art of dressing for a season is simple. But, dressing while the weather transitions from omg-it’s-freezing-winter to rainy-but-sunny-spring is nothing less than challenging. The time between winter and spring can make even the most experienced dresser feel completely lost. 

As much as we dream of sunshine and clear skies, spring weather is completely unpredictable. It’s not yet warm enough to stroll around with just a simple short sleeve, but it isn’t cold enough to wear a long wool coat either. One minute it’s sunny and warm; the next, it's pouring and chilly. Just when you think you’re done storing away all your winter essentials, the Canadian weather strikes back with a stormy surprise – you've got to be prepared.

Transitional dressing is tricky but the basic idea is very simple. Transitional clothes are those lightweight, layerable pieces that seamlessly “transition” from winter into spring. All it takes is a new way of styling your clothes together and editing down winter-only items from your closet during this time. 

To combat these days, we’ve gathered our essential transitional dressing tips. 

Layer it up

Layering is as important for looking good as it is for dealing with mercurial temperatures. Versatile pants, light jackets, and good knits prove to be some of the best allies against skittish spring weather. Combat these days by putting together outfits with plenty of light layers. Your trusty blue Levi’s, a t-shirt, a light sweater or even a hoodie, paired with a light jacket will keep you warm and dry. If the sun decides to shine – easy piecey! – peel those layers right off. 

Know thy clothes

One of the most important factors of transitional dressing is knowing the material of your clothes. You’ve definitely seen us mention this before. It’s not just because of sustainability reasons, but knowing the materials your clothes are made in will determine whether they will work or not for the weather. Transitional clothing needs to be lightweight and breathable. Synthetic materials, like nylon and acrylic, trap heat inside and make you sweat buckets. Instead, opt for pieces made of natural sourced materials, like cotton, linen, or bamboo. Better yet, you won’t have to store your favorite basics once summer comes around.

The trench

Now is a good time to ditch your wool coat (until winter, that is) in turn for lightweight jackets. There are plenty of options out there that you can easily adapt to your personal style. At the top of our list is the classic trench coat. 

Not only is the trench a staple in everyone’s wardrobes, but its practicality makes it the transitional piece par excellence. Its longline silhouette is perfect to protect you from sun, wind and rain, and keep you fresh and dry without weighing you down. This must-have piece comes in a plethora of materials, from cotton gabardine (hard-wearing and rain-resistant) to leather (stylish, luxurious, and warm). 

Shake it up

If you’re going for a more casual vibe, consider switching your puffer or trench for a shorter, lighter option such as a shacket, a bomber, or a leather jacket. An ideal, year-round layering piece, the shacket is the perfect combination of a shirt and a jacket. 

The bomber is a super stylish option, especially for when you need to dress up a casual laid-back outfit. Exclusively worn by fighter pilots during the First World War, the bomber comes in many colors and designs, padded or not. 

Leather jackets need no introduction. You need one. Period. They’re extremely durable and easy to take care of. You’ll never part ways with it once you’ve found “the one.”

Throw any of these three options over a t-shirt if it’s sunny or a knit on chilly days. 

Swap your shoes

Changing up your footwear is one of the easiest ways to nail transitional dressing. Shove your bulky winter boots to the back of your closet and instead opt for ankle gazing shoes. Suede boots are perfect with a jeans, t-shirt, jacket combo. Ballet flats are a modern, sophisticated option. Sneakers can be dressed up or down, and add an interesting touch to a simple look.

Revisit, Repair, Recycle

While the turn of the season poses a challenge for us, it’s also an opportunity to introduce new styling options into our look. But no matter what season you're dressing for, sustainability is always on trend. Spring is the best time to rediscover old hits in your closet. Check if there’s anything in your wardrobe that needs a little zhuzh, be it a trip to the dry cleaners, fixing a loose button, or a good old wash cycle. You’ll be surprised how many items in your clothes you’ll reconnect with. Consider donating the clothes you don’t like anymore to charity shops. Reselling is always an option. Use this time to whittle down options to keep your closet cohesive and pass on the pieces that don’t feel authentically you.

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