Trend Alert: Athleisure is Here to Stay

Health, wellness, and #fitness are trending keywords and popular topics of discussion among millions of people, both in real life and online. Taking proper care of our bodies has taken center stage thanks to our growing interest in living a longer, happier, healthier life. 

It’s also safe to say that health consciousness is one of the *very* few bonding interests among Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z-ers alike. Making lifestyle shifts, such as exercising and engaging in outdoor activities, are common ground for people of all three generations. You probably went to your mom’s aerobics class (against your will, of course) because the nanny bailed last minute. And we’re sure that, in turn, your mom drove you to the skate park as soon as you grew a little older.

Today, adopting an active lifestyle isn’t complete without dressing the part. Due to a more dynamic and demanding work-slash-social life, experience-loving Millennials and Gen Z-ers are shaping the way we dress when we go from the house, to the gym, to work, and back. This has led to the popularity of the athleisure trend that started in the early 2000s.

Over the last 20 years, athleisure has become a category staple for many fashion-savvy consumers. From crystal-embellished velour sets to high-tech designer sneakers, aspiring to feeling good from the inside out, never looked this good. Now, if we take into account current sustainability efforts across the industry, plus technology advances in textiles and materials, then we can consider the turn of the 21st century the golden era of athleisure. 

Not so long ago clothing that was functional wasn’t particularly stylish. Athleisure has gradually moved from the one-size-fits-all approach in sportswear to the more fashionable, multi-purpose designs that define the movement. 

The athleisure market is projected to be valued at over $662 billion by 2030, marking its steady popularity. Namely, a mix of cultural and social factors, along with fashion’s uncertainty are all still driving it. And how can we forget the worldwide lockdown of 2020? The Covid pandemic has equally contributed to the popularity of athleisure, as did the seismic shift in the workplace. 

Unlike our parent’s generation, we want quick and easy training sessions in clothes that allow us to transition from our MacBooks to our mats, and from the supermarket to the spontaneous catch-up-over-drinks with friends. 

From Zoom to zen, Wolfe Co. is proud to offer sustainable, high-performing options to help you tick off your daily tasks and pleasures in style. May we suggest our Heritage Jogger, for example? Made of a lightweight yet durable French terry, we designed these with the fast-paced, health junkie in mind. Composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the Heritage jogger is perfect all year round. 

Represent your love for Canadian-made apparel with an Ashford Pullover. Made in multiple neutral colours to choose from, this hoodie will complement your wardrobe with ease and accompany you from the 1:1 meeting with your boss to the 1:1 meeting with your PI. 

Running errands? Layer your trusted leather moto jacket over an Ashford to toughen up your look. Meeting a friend? Opt for a boxy, vintage blazer instead to smarten it up and swap your joggers for a pair of raw-hemmed mom jeans. You won't miss the mark when riding on the athleisure bandwagon!

Now we’re curious! How do you style your Wolfe Co. from dusk till dawn? Let us know in the comments below.

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