Domestic production is what matters to us.

As you’ve probably read, everything is made in Canada. That’s why we started Wolfe Co. Our labels are made in the Greater Toronto Area. This is also where our garment construction and decoration occur. If you’re wondering about the little things like tags, those are made in Canada, too. The rest of our print material is done in-house, on recycled pulp stock when possible.

The retail price you see for each piece is a direct
reflection of the cost to produce that item domestically.

The Wolfe Co. collection is supplemented by goods and accessories that are proudly made by various artisans from coast to coast. Each item has been handcrafted by Canadian individuals who pride themselves in the products made for you. When you buy Wolfe Co., you are forgoing the large corporate network to take part in an exchange with another member of your community. 

Every purchase of a Wolfe Co. product
is a vote for locally made goods.

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