William Wolfe

William Wolfe Gold Shetland Cardigan

$150.00 CAD

Adopting cutting-edge technology, our cardigan is woven in a single piece, mirroring the age-old hand-frame technique. This innovative approach not only pays homage to traditional craftsmanship but also champions our dedication to reducing environmental impact, showcasing our pledge towards responsible fashion.

Featuring a refined saddle shoulder design, this cardigan offers a timeless look while ensuring a snug fit that gracefully accompanies you on any journey. From the untamed beauty of nature to the chic streets of the city, it serves as an ideal ally for the explorer who does not want to sacrifice style for comfort.

Crafted with pride, knitted, and hand-finished in the Shetland Isles, every cardigan is a testament to the skill and passion of our employee-owned factory’s artisans. Each piece stands as a work of art, a unique narrative woven into its fabric.

Experience unmatched warmth and softness, derived from 100% Shetland wool. This premium material not only provides superior comfort but also honours the area's rich legacy of textile craftsmanship.

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