Fall Home Indulgence: The Drummond Blanket

In this fast-paced world, relaxing on the couch under your favourite blanket can feel like the ultimate luxury. While the idea of staying in for the evening often gets a bad rap, there’s something to be said about giving into the comforts of your own home.

The fun part about hitting reset after a long work week, is that whether you’re settled deep in the forest, high in a skyscraper, or along a suburban street, this time of year allows us to relax and turn into ourselves, find a crackling fire, and slip between soft, woolen fabrics. We’re talking about those forever pieces that tend to wear and feel the best with time. 

In anticipation of fall and crisper, more couch-friendly weather, we introduce the coziest Canadian-made blanket, the Drummond Blanket. 

A Simple Formula For The Coziest Fall Night In

If you strategically plan a few key details ahead of time, an autumnal night in will be pretty hard to top. Think: fresh popcorn and a gripping new drama, starring Toni Collete—impossible to turn down. 

Crunching on a bowl of salty-sweet kettle corn and a good snug blanket makes a couch much more inviting. But, truth be told, the Drummond Blanket isn't your average throw. 

Crafted in wool, the Drummond Blanket holds strong through harsh winters and chilly fall evenings. Not only is it breathable but also very comfortable so you’ll stay supine for the rest of the night. It comes in two sizes: 3' x 5' and 5' x 6' to cover you from head to toe.

Whether you’re planning on packing for a road trip or just enjoying an evening at home, the Drummond Blanket will keep you warm on any adventure.

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A Sustainable Home Upgrade

Think of the things you can’t live without. You’re probably making a list that includes your iPhone, your new set of speakers, or that magical slow cooker that does it all. We’re quick to call these pieces luxuries, but will they last forever?

Gorgeously minimalist and sleekly sustainable, the Drummond Blanket is locally handcrafted by a New Brunswick family of second-generation highly skilled weavers. Contrary to mass-produced blankets that come from high speed automatic looms, all of our Drummond blankets are carefully crafted on a traditional hand loom. 

Also, wool has long been accepted as an ecologically responsible fiber with lots of benefits. Renewable and biodegradable, wool doesn't accumulate in landfill and oceans as it breaks down naturally without causing any harmful effects to the environment. 

Drummond blankets are sustainably and ethically produced using either 100% wool or wool-blend compositions, so you can rest assured that you're buying an environmentally and socially responsible Canadian product. 

Layers Make Your Home A Relaxing Sanctuary

Whether you’re decorating your home for fall or just love great home design, think of yourself as the guest and set your living space for those well-needed quiet moments. Just as meditation calms our psyche, stress-reducing measures in our living spaces can make a huge difference in the way we feel in them.

Wrap yourself in the sky-blue Denim Drummond Blanket for the coziest fall-blooming night. One key to pulling a relaxing room together is sustainability, both biologically and aesthetically—you want something that will not look so-five-years-ago in a few years. Besides being soothing, blue works beautifully as a neutral. Hygge meets minimalism with the Grey & Black Drummond.

The Red Drummond Blanket is exquisitely designed to capture the glitteriness of the holidays. You don't have to worry if your party spills killer hors d'oeuvres or Cabernet on it. Machine-wash in cold water, hang to dry, and it will look good as new. An extra Grey Drummond Blanket will save the evening.

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