What makes the perfect t-shirt?

Finding the perfect t-shirt is on top of everybody’s list. It might seem like a simple choice between weight, feel, material and price. But searching for such covetable and integral piece of our wardrobe is certainly no easy task. 

Blame it on Carmy Berzatto, the main character of FX’s widely popular series, The Bear. Unless you live under rock, you might have heard of The Bear phenomenon. No, it’s not a new hiking spot in sunny California, nor a new bar in Downtown Toronto. In fact, Carmy’s clothing on the show—specifically his crisp, white tees—prompted discussions on Reddit forums and all over social media.

Let’s face it, a man’s base outfit is a T-shirt and jeans. Just look around your town and you’ll notice that at least 90% of men are sporting a tee on a lazy Sunday, or under an impeccably tailored jacket during rush hour. A high quality T-shirt can be the difference between off-duty and effortless elegance. 

From heavyweight options, to ones made of loopwheel cotton, there are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best tee. Below, we break down what makes the perfect t-shirt.

When It Comes To A White Tee, The Detail Is In The Fabric 

Not all white tees are created equal. How many times have you put on a bright white t-shirt just to find out that it’s incredibly sheer and full of creases?

A quality t-shirt must be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. If it's maximum wearability you're after, you’ll want a T-shirt you can feel comfortable either wearing to the office and to brunch with your in-laws. 

While it doesn't depend on fiber alone, construction and yarn density are other important factors to consider. You’ll want a tee made of a fabric that's thick and tightly woven enough to not be see-through. The material will also determine its weight. A thicker weave results in a heavier tee, while thinner strands create a more lightweight shirt. 

Wolfe Co.’s White Huxley T-Shirt is made of a bamboo rayon and Spandex blend. This combination ensures the most breathable and versatile material that doesn’t crease too much, but soft and lightweight enough to wear day in, day out. You can wear them with pretty much anything and will suit a variety of styles.

It’s A Tee Party, Paint It Black For An Elegant Look

White tees may get all the attention, but never underestimate the power of its black counterpart. Bulking up your basics collection with neutral pieces is key to a complete stylish wardrobe. 

Black tees are foundational in any man’s wardrobe. Equally versatile as white tees, but with an elegant undertone, black t-shirts are an easy staple to wear from the gym to work, and from work to a date. Always relevant, a black t-shirt is as part of Mick Jagger’s wardrobe as it is part of The Rock’s red carpet look.  

The Black Huxley T-Shirt is the ideal option for both casual and active wear. Don’t be afraid to dip into different cuts to wear casually with dark denim and a leather jacket. Experiment with a variety of necklines you can use along with tailoring.

The finishing touches in the construction of a t-shirt are as important as the yarn composition. The Huxley T-Shirt is made using OEKO-TEX® certified yarn, this tee is dyed and finished with non-toxic, cruelty-free dyes and materials. Every component used in dyeing is free of toxic chemicals, is less harmful to the environment and given a clean bill of health. 

Know Your Body Type Before You Commit

There are two parts to construction you need to consider in a t-shirt: durability and fit. Fit is a core component of style and it matters in how a garment is built. The harsh reality is that not all tees will flatter every single shape and size. 

Construction, whether it’s a tubular knit, a tape seam, single, double or triple needle stitching, will ultimately determine how a tee fits and drapes on the body. Evaluate the shoulder, side paneling, and collar of tee to make sure you’re nailing the best fit for your body type. Choose one that conforms to your body and allows full range of movement, not the other way around.

Take the Grey Huxley T-Shirt, for example. Cut to fit slim and close to the body, this t-shirt will flatter a built-up chest and shoulders thanks to its raglan sleeves hitting at the perfect spot on the bicep. Also known as baseball sleeves, raglan sleeves are great if you want to create the illusion of elongated arms or shrinking broad shoulders. 

Play close attention to the tees you already own. A shirt may be too loose if the shoulder seams are low, or too tight if the seams are closer to your neck. The right fit will ensure your tee lasts longer and doesn't lose its shape with prolonged wear.

Where (And How) Your Tee Is Made Is Important

Past the sartorial factors that make a perfect t-shirt, are matters of where, who, and how it’s made. A high quality t-shirt is more than just what it’s physically made of and all factors in the making of it contribute to what makes a tee ultimately perfect. 

Premium fashion should be an investment, not just a purchase. When you buy any of our Huxley T-Shirts, you’re supporting local production. From design to development and distribution, all Wolfe Co. Apparel goods are 100% made in Canada by Canadians who care about the environment. 

In an effort to support our local economy, all of our profits are reinvested back into the surrounding communities. Instead of producing mass quantities with poor quality we take a thoughtful yet scalable approach to ensure ease of mind to our customers. These decisions help community-driven movements towards a more eco-friendly and stylish lifestyle.

Cut in rayon, producing the Huxley requires much less water and energy than that of non-organic cotton or synthetic fabrics. Besides, rayon is biodegradable and decomposes faster than cotton. What can we say? The Huxley T-Shirt is the perfect modern and eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe.

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