Give To Get: Three Disrupting Black Friday Deals That Give Back To Those In Need

November is a joyous month. While some people associate this time with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, us at Wolfe Co. Apparel consider this the perfect opportunity to help those who need it the most. 

For those unfamiliar with the terms, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two select days in November filled with retail frenzy where nearly every shop offers an incentive to excessive holiday shopping. 

Sadly, excessive consumption is rooted in impulsive buying, which affects our conscious efforts towards a more sustainable world. Being a conscious shopper means avoiding impulse purchases and taking responsibility for our actions if we want to contribute to a positive impact on the environment—it’s all about doing more and better with less.

From day one, we’re replacing the world's largest form of impulsive consumption with Give To Get Black Friday, our month-long response to this season’s harried holiday door-dashing. With our efforts, we avoid getting swept up in the retail mania and instead come together with organizations like Pacific Wild, Muskoka Women's Shelter and The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation for our charitable November campaign.

Yes, you’ll still get special deals on your favourite Wolfe Co. Apparel pieces, but how generous we are with our discounts will depend on how generous you are with your donations.

Read on and learn about the three ways you can disrupt Black Friday, and still get the deals with Wolfe Co. Apparel. 

Your Online Purchase Helps Pacific Wild Protect Canadian Wildlife And Their Habitat

Founded in 2008 by Karen and Ian McAllister, Pacific Wild is a Canadian non-profit organization that works to protect wildlife and their habitat on British Columbia's North and Central Coast. 

As the leading voice for wildlife conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest and beyond, Pacific Wild supports innovative research, public education, community outreach and awareness campaigns aimed at protecting the future of wildlife and their habitat. 

This November, add one of three donations to your cart and apply a discount to your order: a $5 donation will automatically deduct 10% off your order at checkout, a $10 donation grants you a 15% discount, while a $15 donation will give you a 20% discount. 

In turn, 100% of your online donation will benefit one of Pacific Wild's four campaigns: 

  • Save BC Wolves. Ensures wolves are given the protection and respect they deserve across the province.
  • Protect Pacific Herring. Vital to the survival of entire ecosystems, this campaign raises public awareness about the Pacific herring fishery in B.C.  
  • Protect Pacific Salmon. This campaign brings awareness to the  importance of Pacific salmon and why revitalizing creek walker monitoring programs is so important to our coast.
  • Great Bear Rainforest Conservation. Supports the protection of ecosystems that can sustain biodiversity throughout the Great Bear Rainforest & the northwest Pacific region.

Your Pre-Loved Clothing Donation Helps Muskoka Women's Shelter Provide Emergency Short-Term Housing And Support To Abused Women And Their Children

Women, girls, and gender-diverse people are at high risk of gender-based violence. Some are at even higher risks, due to the additional discrimination and barriers they face. In Canada, more than 4 in 10 women have experienced some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetimes, according to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.  

Women's shelters are places in which women can seek refuge from domestic violence. They act as places of refuge, solace, and safety when women and their children need it the most.

And while these shelters get funding from the government and nonprofits, they also need your help. 

Oftentimes, when a woman goes to a shelter she arrives with nothing except for the clothes on her back. New or slightly used clothing is always needed in a women’s shelter. For someone entering the workforce, a new suit can impart confidence; a new pair of shoes could ease the anxiety a child feels about going to a new school.

For our in-store customers, Wolfe Co. Apparel is offering a discount in exchange for pre-loved clothing donations to Muskoka Women’s Shelter throughout the month. 

Your Pre-Loved Clothing Donation Will Also Help The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation Serve People Who Are In Need In The Muskoka Area 

It’s cold out there. With studies forecasting that food prices will rise three to five percent, community support and volunteer help is needed more than ever. Founded in 2006 by Heather Berg, The Table Soup Kitchen has helped thousands of people in the Huntsville area. 

The Table Soup Kitchen offers six different services, free of charge to hungry, hurting, or vulnerable homeless people who require assistance. Among those, the Table Soup Kitchen welcomes everyone who wishes to enjoy a nutritious meal in the company of friends with musical entertainment. Meals consist of an appetizer, soup, bread, salad, entreé, beverages and dessert.

Only 1,303,997 visits to food banks were made across Canada in 2021. For many people, the meal they have at a soup kitchen will be their only meal of the day. With this in mind, soup kitchens are an essential, integral part of our societies, ensuring that people and families in crisis, including those who are houseless, can still have a meal.

Throughout November, Wolfe Co. Apparel is offering an in-store discount in exchange for pre-loved clothing donations which will benefit The Table Soup Kitchen directly. 

When we look at ourselves closely, we can change the world for the better. Wolfe Co. Apparel believes that the most meaningful gift we can give is giving back. Click here or visit the Muskoka store to shop, donate, and give back today.

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