In Running News: You’ll Need These 3 Wolfe Items For Your Next Marathon

The key to running the world’s famous marathons is not only getting strong months in advance but also looking good as hell while at it with the right clothing items. 

The method to the madness is wearing clothing that will let you run faster and recover smarter, all while allowing you to work harder. This is especially true during this time of year, when three of the world's biggest marathons take place within 36 days of each other: Berlin, Chicago, and New York

Every marathon is different, but listen, a lot can happen over 26 miles so it’s best to turn up prepared if you’re running. Most experienced runners have at least one story of a wardrobe malfunction that led to chafing or some other uncomfortable problem. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro training for a big race, we’ve gathered our favourite Wolfe Co. Apparel pieces that will make a big difference to your marathon running experience—and, who knows, your finishing time as well.

Ladies, You’ll Need A Good Sports Bra

Many people have running a marathon on their bucket list, somewhere next to “go see Taylor Swift” and “win the lottery.” Even if you’re still not fully committed to running one next fall, there are many reasons everyone should run a marathon

Training for a marathon can be a great exercise to do with an old friend or colleague, as you can motivate each other along the process. A motivating support system is as important as the support a good sports bra provides when running long distance. 

The importance of a sports bra cannot be underestimated. Since breasts are made of tissue, with only skin and fragile ligaments supporting them, repetitive or high impact activities require additional support.

Made of recycled polyester and Spandex, the Thalia Sports Bra provides the maximum support throughout short or long runs. It’s also carefully treated with a natural biomass called ChitoSante, an anti-bacterial bio-agent that’s breathable, absorbent, durable, and fast drying to have a positive effect on your performance. Great for every weather, the Thalia also offers UPF 50 sun protection.

Rain Or Shine, The Race Will Go On

…And so will your training. Whether you’re close to running a marathon, half-marathon, a shorter race, or following a training schedule to reach a new fitness goal, fall-winter weather may add a little plot twist to your day. 

When it comes to running outdoors, the clothing you avoid wearing is just as important as what you actually wear. If it is cold and rainy outside, don't wear thick and heavy clothing; you'll overheat and sweat, and get cold as soon as you take your clothes off. Instead dress in thin, wicking layers to prevent sweat. 

Here’s why technology is our hero in unpredictable weather. Our Altitude 100 Baselayer for Women and Men are made of machine-washable, mulesing-free wool, Tencel and polyamide—a blend that’s known for its innate cooling effect. 

Designed to help you not just endure, but enjoy running in the cold, our base layers can help lower your body temperature, which typically rises 10-15 degrees while running. If you run long-distances in the cold, your body will eventually start losing heat production as you become more tired. Wearing smart clothing and layers will preserve heat, avoiding a longer recovery or the risk of hypothermia.  

Don’t let the climate stop you from reaching your personal best! 

Train Smarter In Your Marathon Gear

“Nothing new on race day,” is something you’ll hear experienced runners say over and over again. It’s recommended you run at least once or twice before the marathon, perhaps also a test race over a longer distance. This will prevent unpleasant surprises during the race.

Those new-New Balance trainers won’t do it on the day of the race. Instead have your sneakers mold to your feet as you train and wear them to the big race. This also applies to clothing like tops and shorts. 

The more you train under all possible weather conditions, the more accustomed your body will be to whatever weather might occur on race day. In other words, you should train in the same gear you race in.

Shorts are great for marathons this time of year. The Thalia Bike Short’s capri length eliminates  the possible issue of short shorts riding up. Made of polyester and Spandex, they’ll avoid any risk of chafing, they’re buttery soft, sun protective and look great with anything.  

Just like with their matching Thalia Sports Bra, these shorts are made with recycled materials and are treated with ChitoSante. Featuring a unique seam construction that eliminates the unwanted center crotch seam, the Thalia Bike Short provides a smooth, flattering fit from start to finish. 

Overall, make sure you have fun, take in the scenery and enjoy the stride—while looking great from top to bottom, of course.

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