Canadian Snow Day Essentials To Beat The Cold Weather Gloom

Snow season is upon us and with it comes many new ways to beat the gloomy weather ahead. From head to toe, Wolfe Co. Apparel has a roster of options, made in some of the softest materials, that will help you elevate an otherwise ordinary #ootd.  

When we think about it, there's nothing worse than going outside and realizing you're not dressed warm enough to handle the frigid temperatures. Not only can it ruin your day, but it’s basically a waste of an outfit when you can’t confidently wear a great look around town. 

There’s a famous Norwegian saying that goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing." This couldn't be truer when it comes to dressing for Canadian winters. 

Dressing inadequately for the cold can be dangerous and increases the chance of getting hypothermia or frostbite. Each year in Canada, more than 80 people die from over-exposure to the cold, and many more suffer injuries resulting from hypothermia and frostbite. 

Below we list Wolfe Co. Apparel’s take on essential snow day accessories that will help you survive Canadian snow days.

The Longford Scarf

The formula for dressing safely on snow days is covering your entire body while keeping it dry and sweat-free. Choose to wrap yourself in fabrics that will hold body heat and won't absorb moisture, like wool or acrylic. Lightweight, highly durable, and luxurious-looking, acrylic is designed to be similar to wool. 

The Longford Scarf is crafted in an ultra-soft ribbed jersey made of 100% high-bulk acrylic yarn that feels soft and cottony. We designed the Longford with our busy, on-the-go customers in mind. Since this fringed scarf is made out of man-made fibers, it can be easily worn in your daily commute or when enjoying outdoor activities. 

The Longford Scarf is unisex and available in a plethora of versatile neutral colours, like beige, navy, charcoal, and black, to fit a wide variety of styles and personalities. 

Fleece Lined Mitts 

Despite the temptation to replace mittens with gloves, mittens are typically warmer. According to a study by the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, mitts performed better than gloves when tested in Antarctica during the winter of 2016. This is due to fingers generating more heat when they're not separated from each other by fabric, which is the case with gloves. 

Warm and stylish, the Fleece Lined Mitts feature an inner layer of synthetic insulation to trap the heat inside. Just like the Longford, our unisex Mitts are made of 100% high-bulk acrylic and are available in both charcoal and peppermint.  

Keep in mind that just because mittens are warmer than gloves, doesn’t mean they are necessarily better for wearing on snowy days. If you’re going on a hike or engaging in other outdoor activities, mittens will be your best option. We like to wear mittens with gloves inside and peel our Mitts off in case we ever need to use our fingers. 

Pair your Mitts with its matching fleece-lined Toque.  

The Ribbed Toque

As we enter the colder side of fall, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of colourful accessories. A beanie is one of the most crucial pickups you’ll make this season, especially when it snows. 

The Ribbed Toque is ultra-stylish and supremely cozy. This cold-weather essential will keep your head and ears toasty thanks to its ultra-soft, chunky ribbed jersey made of 100% high-bulk acrylic. 

Beanies have forever been an essential classic accessory in everyone’s cold-weather wardrobe. Whether wide ribbed or fine knitted, our toques are worth adding to your rotation and available in neutral must-haves: black, white, beige, gray, charcoal, navy, olive and red

Wear yours to add a pop of colour to your look or pick one to create a monochromatic outfit.

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