The (Very) Nice List: The Wolfe 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Spoiling our loved ones with the perfect gift can be a tricky feat, especially during the holiday season. A quick Google search of “the best holiday gifts of 2022” might leave you scratching your head for hours over which gift will score you the most brownie points with your boyfriend, girlfriend, grandmother, friend—the list goes on! 

Whether you’re shopping for your office Secret Santa or your childhood BFF, our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide will help you indulge them in something stylish, Canadian-made, consciously sustainable, and most importantly, special.

For The Friend Who Commutes

Baby, it’s cold outside! Really. Canadian temperatures recorded the lowest they’ve ever been since 2013. If something characterizes Northern winters is extreme cold weather, snow, and ice. In our attempt to wear the right warm layers that we often forget about looking our best. 

Give the gift of durable and resistant fashion with the Fleece Lined Bundle made of 100% high bulk acrylic and lined with plush, soft fleece. This is the perfect present to those in your life who would rather stay home than wearing the same winter accessories on repeat. 

Our bundle offers two sets of fleece-lined mittens and two fleece-lined beanies to add the perfect finishing touches to a wintry outfit. 

For The Girlfriend Who Likes To Snuggle In Style

Snugglers are very particular with their blankets. Some like their covers warm, heavy and plush, while others prefer the airy breathability of a lightweight throw.

The Drummond Blanket is the perfect combination of both worlds: warm and weighty, yet breathable and lightweight. Unlike the average blanket, the Drummond is made of 100% wool and comes in timeless colourways. If your girlfriend is a snuggler, then add it to your cart and avoid the headache later.

This piece also makes a thoughtful gift for a new homeowner. 

For You Sporty-Spice Nan and Marathon-Running Pops

They don’t make elders like they used to. They used to stay home and bake cookies, but now they’re lifting 100s at the gym and running the New York City marathon.

You want them to stay active and warm now that winter is coming… We’ve got an idea! Give each of your grandparents a game-changing Kitimat Half Zip

Made of Polartec's highly durable synthetic shearling fleece and designed for cold weather performance in mind, the half zip will give them all of the benefits of wool but with a luxurious soft feel.The zipper arm pockets can store keys, phone, and a well-deserved snack. It comes in neutral black and gray that go with everything.

For The Boyfriend Who Loves His Me-Time

Few know about the wonders of a good scent—like your boyfriend. Gifting him a shirt or new high-tops is too predictable. Consider giving him some time to relax and drift off with something as luxurious as a scented Hollow Tree Candle.

Hollow Tree makes delicious, naturally scented coconut wax candles. Added bonus? It’s eco-friendly. Inspired by the towering forests of British Columbia, Hollow Tree handmade candles are poured in small batches using pure plant-based ingredients.

Bring the outside inside with this deeply personal gift and choose between Lumberjack (tobacco, woody sandalwood), Trail’s End (campfire, cedar, mandarin), and Hollow Tree (cedar, clove, vanilla).

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