Style Guide: Casual Canadian Plaid With Graphic Tee

In this edition of our Wolfe Co Style Guide, we're combining our Canadian-made products to create a casual-plaid look...

10 Best Things About Summer in Ontario

There's something truly reminiscent about summer's in Ontario. From the vast landscapes, to fireworks & celebrati...

Reliving Canada Day At Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

Only once in a lifetime do we get to celebrate something as monumental as Canada’s 150th birthday.  In the spirit of ...

Summer Launch at Bronte Waterfront

The Airstream is in the garage; the shelves are stocked; Wolfe Co. is ready for the summer! This is our inaugural s...

10 Reasons to Love Canada

10. Beaver Tails If you can eat one without getting sauce all over your face, you’re a true Canadian.  Or maybe jus...

Hidden Canadian Gems

It is extremely rare to come across a Canadian who knows every inch of this country back to front.  It’s just such a ...

Behind the Brand

If you’re seeing Wolfe Co. for the first time, like most people, you might be thinking, “What’s the point?”  At the b...
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